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Every week, millions of trivia addicts and knowledge junkies across the globe steal minutes from their busy lives to delight in mental_floss. Whether they're tickling their brains with daily quizzes and lists at, flipping through pages of the critically adored print magazine, or feeding their minds with fascinating stories from our bestselling books, one thing's for sure: we can't churn the content out fast enough!

What makes mental_floss so deliciously addictive? By blurring the lines between education and entertainment, our editors jam-pack every project with pure, unadulterated fun. But if our carefully curated newsletter, hilarious new t-shirts, or the dozens of hand-picked items in our store aren't enough to soothe your knowledge cravings, don't worry: there's more on the way.

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mental_floss is for busy people who love to feel smart. Somewhere between the hectic work life, the active social life, and the taxing joys of family, there's five minutes. Just enough time to to kick up your feet or click away from the spreadsheet. And in those five minutes, our readers want to forget the hassles of the boardroom and put down their to-do lists. So, they turn to mental_floss. Because whether they're skimming the website or indulging in the magazine, those luxurious little breaks feed their minds, round their knowledge and provide enough conversation for the day.