The Late Movies: Smarter Every Day - Slo-Mo Science Videos

Chris Higgins

Missile engineer Destin (last name undisclosed) made waves a few weeks back with his video explaining Why Cats Usually Land on Their Feet. His YouTube channel is full of great stuff -- here are some favorites to make you, yes, a little smarter every day.

Eliminating "Poop Splash"

"Is there a way we can eliminate...poop splash?" This is surprisingly clean for a video involving "fecal simulants." Around 2:40 the answer is revealed. SCIENCE IN ACTION! As Destin's wife says, "You're welcome."

The Science of How Hummingbirds Fly

A feeder, nice cameras, nice music, and science -- what's not to like? Oh yeah, and the science portion involves olive oil and lasers. Dude.

Shooting Pistols Underwater

Yeah, so what happens if you shoot pistols underwater? Let's go to the slo-mo to find out. Don't try this at home, kids.

Glow-in-the-Dark Helicopter Rotors at Night

Light-painting using an RC helicopter at night. Truly beautiful. Science discussion starts around 2:40.

Dragon's Breath Ammo in Slo-Mo

How does that tracer-like "Dragon's Breath" ammo work? The explanation begins around 2:40; the whole first segment is just fun with guns and ammo.

Why Does Honey Drizzle into a Coil?

"Fluid dynamics are awesome." Basically, honey falls into a coil. What's up with that? MATH IS UP WITH THAT. Stay tuned for the Fourth Regime, in which the coiling pattern goes nuts.

Tons More Like This

You like these? There are a bunch more already, and Destin's making more every day.