Adande Thorne, also known as Swoozie, posted an animated video of his adventures as a Disney theme park cast member. It was so successful that he now has a career as a video blogger and animator. Most of that is due to his storytelling skills. Enjoy a few of Thorne's videos about his Disney experience.

Confessions of a Disney Employee

His first Disney video from last year now has 2.5 million views.

Revenge of the Disney Employee

This video explains why Swoozie is no longer working at Disney. It has a happy ending.

Return of the Disney Employee

This non-animated video follows Thorne as he returns to Disney World.

Confessions of a Disney Employee Part 2

This video was just posted recently, made from material edited out of the first "confessions" video because it was too long. Maybe we will be treated to more Disney stories as time goes along!

Flirtationship: IT'S COMPLICATED!

Something about the way Thorne tells a story makes you just keep listening. This one is on his love life.

How to NEVER Get Hurt in a Relationship

Back to the animation, Thorne has advice for you. Guard your heart, and your back.

See more of Thorne's videos at his YouTube channel.