Breaking Not-So-Bad: Would Skyler End Up in Jail?


[Note: This post was written before last night's episode, so if you haven't seen it yet, there are no spoilers. But if you're halfway through the season, you might want to skip this one. Here's a scary story about crows instead.]

What kind of trouble could Skyler White get in if she's caught? According to Vista defense lawyer Peter Liss, she might actually be able to get off completely.

Skyler may have a complete defense to all crimes, short of murder, by claiming duress.  If she committed the crimes due to threats or menace by Walt, or anyone else for that matter, and there was a reasonable likelihood she or her children’s lives would be endangered if she refused, then she can claim duress.

Of course, whether she should get away with it isn't the same as whether she could get away with it. How much sympathy do you give her?