The Late Movies: Remembering Muppeteer Jerry Nelson

Erica Palan

Early last week, the Muppets lost a member of their family: puppeteer Jerry Nelson died. Nelson began working with Jim Henson and Frank Oz in 1965, but his career truly began in the second season of Sesame Street when he officially joined the show's cast. Best known for his performance of Count von Count, Nelson also performed several minor characters. As a belated tribute, some of his greatest hits are below.

Herbert Birdsfoot

From 1970 through 1973, educator Herbert Birdsfoot was performed by Nelson.

Mr. Johnson

Nelson also performed Grover's persnickety customer.

Two-Headed Monster

Nelson was a mentor to Richard Hunt, who joined the team when he was just 18. The two performed several characters, including these guys.

Camilla the Chicken

Among Nelson's minor characters is Gonzo's gal pal.

Count von Count

The most famous Nelson character, he performed the math-loving vampire beginning in 1972.

Mr. Snuffleupagus

Nelson originated this role, but gave it up in 1978.