The Dude Behind "The Big Lebowski" - A Documentary

Chris Higgins

You've probably heard that The Dude from The Big Lebowski is loosely based on a real guy named Jeff Dowd. But what you probably haven't seen is this twenty-minute documentary about Dowd, explaining himself in his own words. The film touches on Dowd's history with politics and independent film, and we see Dowd as a complex character -- is he dedicated to political change, is he coasting on a movie he didn't make, or is he somehow doing both? The film gives you a decent amount of information to make that call for yourself. This documentary has salty language, but let's be honest: if you've seen The Big Lebowski, this is no big deal.

THE DUDE (Director's Cut) from Jeff Feuerzeig on Vimeo.

You might recognize director Feuerzeig's name -- he also directed The Devil and Daniel Johnston.

See also: Lebowskifest; The Dude's Rug; and Colin Perkins's epic The Dude, The Port Huron Statement, and The Seattle Seven.