The Guy Who Spent His Summer Helping Strangers From the Internet

Jill Harness

What did you do this summer? Now, what would you have done if you had unlimited airline miles and no job to tie you down? Most people would simply vacation in a few places they've always wanted to visit, but Reddit user Generique opted to use his unique opportunity to help others.

At the beginning of the summer, he put up a post offering to help Redditors with anything they may need assistance with -- be it moving, filling a swimming pool, delivering a letter, literally anything. He then traveled across the globe helping strangers from the internet.

His journey is finally over, and his summary of the experience can be seen on this thread -- and it truly is amazing. During the course of his adventures, he fought a giant spider in Australia, taught English in Thailand, painted a portrait in San Francisco, participated in a family water fight in Calgary, and more. In fact, Generique seems to have had a more memorable summer than if he just traveled to his dream vacation spots, and he helped dozens of people in the process.