Slo-Mo Water Balloons


It's Saturday. It's hot. Let's pop some water balloons in slow motion, shall we?

Water Balloon vs. Face

From Discovery's Time Warp, around 0:36 the balloon finally pops after molding itself to the man's face. From there it's all wet.

Popping a Water Balloon

When that volume of water is suddenly unsupported by its balloon container, it stays remarkably cohesive...until it doesn't.

Dropping Balloons

Let's drop some water balloons and see if they bounce.

A Giant Water Balloon Popping

Skip to 4:12 if you just want to see the burst minus the prelude. It takes them a bunch of tries to make this thing pop.

Smarter Every Day's Water Balloon Adventures

After an intro to "bullet art," we see a variety of slo-mo balloon pops (starting about 1:00 in).

Schweppes Ad

A surprisingly beautiful ad for Schweppes beverages, featuring lots of water balloons in slow motion, along with nice music ("To Build a Home"). Basically this video combines all the effects seen above.