One Man's Face, 12.5 Years

Chris Higgins

Photographer Noah Kalina has been taking a picture of himself every day since January 11, 2000. He's so dedicated to his "Everyday" project that he made an app for it. Today he released a video compiling all the photographs so far -- 4,514 photos in sequence, showing his unsmiling face staring into a camera. If you pause it at various points, you can spot Kalina in kitchens, airplanes, and what I take to be his apartment in various stages of disorder. The 7-minute video is interesting partly because you can watch Kalina age -- it may not be apparent as you watch, but if you zip back to the beginning and compare areas of his face (check the forehead), the early photos are positively childlike in comparison. It's also interesting that his neutral facial expression hasn't change in over a decade. Kalina continues working on the project, so tune in years from now for more.

If the video looks familiar, it may be because he released six years' worth in 2006, and The Simpsons aired an homage the following year (wow).

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