The 5pm Quiz: Lit Slits (Presidential Memoirs)

Eric Johnson
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It's time for another edition of Lit Slits, where we test your knowledge of books people like to tell everyone they've read. This edition quizzes you on presidential memoirs. These huge tomes are a modern hallmark of American politics -- but how well do you know them?

Given a vertical stripe of text from a memoir, it's your job to ID the ex-Commander-in-Chief who wrote it.

Take the Quiz: Lit Slits (Presidential Memoirs)

Two notes before we begin:
1. We can't claim credit for this idea. Lit Slits debuted in January 1993 at Williams College's semi-annual Trivia Contest. Special thanks to Des and Daniel for their assistance.
2. Eric has a few more Lit Slits in the pipeline. If you have a good idea for a future installment of the series, leave us a comment!