WWII Bomb Discovered, Detonated in Munich

Chris Higgins

On August 27, construction workers in Munich discovered an American bomb from World War II inside an old bar that was being cleared for new construction. The bomb weighed 550 pounds and bore an "unusual fuse," operated by a chemical reaction rather than a mechanical switch. Because the bomb was unsafe to transport, authorities decided that the only means to clear it was to evacuate that area of the city and blow it up -- which they proceeded to do the next evening. Video of the explosion is below.

The BBC reports:

It is not unusual for big, unexploded bombs to be discovered in Germany, the BBC's Stephen Evans reports. About 600 tonnes of unexploded ordnance are discovered in Germany every year. They are usually defused safely, though in 2010 three bomb-disposal officers were killed during an attempt to make a bomb safe, our correspondent adds.

In this detonation, no one was hurt -- though there were reports of minor fires on nearby rooftops.

Sprengung der Fliegerbombe / Schwabing, München / 28.8.2012 from Simon Aschenbrenner on Vimeo.

You can see a bit more video of the explosion. And there's more on the explosion in German.