Symphony of Science Tackles Climate Change

Chris Higgins

In the latest Symphony of Science video, John Boswell grabs the third rail of science topics: climate change. The video features Bill Nye, Isaac Asimov, David Attenborough, and Richard Alley. In light of the recent unpleasantness surrounding Nye's thoughts on Creationism, this takes guts. But aside from Nye -- whose contributions are the heart of the video -- Isaac Asimov's refrain really makes it sing. Enjoy:

If you're not familiar with Boswell's work, he's the guy who does all those auto-tuned remixes: Mister Rogers, Bob Ross, and Julia Child most recently. I continue to believe that his first video, "A Glorious Dawn," is his best work in the remix space.

Incidentally, have you heard that Bill Nye is reviving his Science Guy show on YouTube? It's happening. We think.