The Best Bad PSA Ever Is a Rap From 1992


Did I hear you right? Did I hear you saying that you're going to make a copy of a game without paying? Were you going to copy that floppy?

I am disappointed, and so is the 1992 version of MC d/p (that's for Disc Protector), star of this SIIA-produced anti-software-piracy PSA. The best part is that the kids aren't all that freaked out by the sudden appearance of a rapping, human version of DRM, because in 1992 that sort of thing happened all the time, apparently.

"Don't Copy That Floppy!" was something of a failure as a PSA, since you can get just about any software online these days. But the novelty of floppy discs combined with the awesomely-bad song itself make for a good 8 minutes of entertainment.

If you really love this song — officially by MC Hart and Ilene Rosenthal — and would like an mp3 of your own, you don't have to copy any floppies, even if you could; it's available for free. And if you need them, the lyrics are available, too.