It's Really Loud With the Shop Vac On

Chris Higgins

It's Saturday. It's hot in my workshop. Let's enjoy an upbeat tune with a jaw-droppingly good fan video. Trust me on both counts, this will make your day:

Okay, you may ask what this is. It's kinetic typography ("moving text") made by Jarrett Heather. The song is "Shop Vac" by Jonathan Coulton. This video is remarkable for its detail -- the video repeatedly shows type treatments playing on corporate logos (including some that are mentioned in the song), and includes tons of tiny details around the edges -- my favorite is the tiny Reddit logo on an iPhone's screen -- that screen visible for roughly half a second, before zooming into a faux Google Maps interface (right before the bit about Starbucks). Now that's awesome.

(Via Kung Fu Grippe, though I also linked to this video in a roundup of kinetic typography last year.)