The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Toddler Steals Keys and Car

A four-year-old boy in Gärsnäs, southern Sweden, sneaked into his mother's jacket pocket as she slept, stole her car keys, and went for a joyride. The toddler managed to drive the car about half a kilometer and made three right turns before crashing the vehicle into a truck. A nearby shopkeeper took the unnamed child home and woke his mother. Police had a hard time believing what happened, but decided not to press charges against the child or his mother. No one was injured.

Sneaking Into Spain Disguised as a Car Seat

Two Moroccan men tried to sneak an illegal immigrant from Guinea into Spain in a Renault. They had removed the padding from the passenger seat, replaced it with the immigrant, and recovered it. Then one of the Moroccan men sat on him as the car attempted to cross the border. Border police examined the vehicle and felt a body underneath the upholstery. The Guinea man was sent to a detention center and the two Moroccans were arrested. The story contains a photograph of the scheme.

Conveniently Peeled Bananas

The European supermarket chain Billa uses a slogan urging more "common sense." Then in at least one store in Austria they offered bananas for sale peeled and packaged in styrofoam trays with plastic wrap.

But the stunt by the German-owned Billa supermarket chain - part of the Rewe group that has thousands of stores in 9 European countries, has caused outrage among users after it was posted on the firm's Facebook page.

Last night staff moved to distance themselves from the sale of ready-peeled bananas and apologised for the "one off" mistake, saying it would not happen again.

I guess someone explained to them that bananas come in their own nature-made packaging that's even safer than plastic wrap.

Make A Birthday Party Special with Alligators!

If having a birthday party poolside is not enough excitement for your child, you can now rent alligators to swim in the pool with the kids. Alligator wrangler Bob Barrett will deliver an alligator to your party for $175 -if you live near Tampa, Florida. The idea has really taken off, as parents feel the need to step up from providing clowns and bouncy castles for children's parties. The party gators are very young rescued animals, and their mouths are taped shut before their public appearance. When asked, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said the practice is not illegal, but they do not recommend it.

Protip: Do Not Dress as a Stereotypical Terrorist in Public

Police in Phoenix, Arizona, responded to reports of a man walking around town with a grenade launcher, just eight days after the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater massacre in July. They determined that the stunt was a hoax, and the 16-year-old dressed in a sheet and carrying a fake grenade launcher was not arrested. Soon after, a video of the incident was posted at YouTube under the title "Dark Knight Shooting Response, Rocket Launcher Police Test." The video was traced to 39-year-old local filmmaker Michael David Turley, who was arrested on Monday.

Turley was charged with knowingly giving a false impression of a terrorist act, endangerment, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and misconduct involving a simulated explosive.

He is being held in county jail on a $5,000 bond. If convicted, he faces up to 45 months in prison, said Maricopa County Attorney's Office spokesman Jerry Cobb.

Buy a Diamond, Get a Free Gun

Like grandpa always said, nothing goes together as well as engagement rings and rifles. A jewelry store in Atlanta, Georgia, is offering a sweet package deal if you want both. Buy a diamond worth $2,499 or more at D. Geller and Son, and get a free hunting rifle! The jewelry store doesn't actually hand out guns. When you purchase a diamond, you get a voucher and then you must comply with applicable laws when you go to the gun store.