Don't Look Down! Messing with Visitors to the Space Needle

Jill Harness

If you were given the opportunity to create a piece of art that people from all over the world would see, what would it be? When Marlin Peterson was offered the chance to paint a mural on the roof of the Seattle Center Armory—a building that is seen every day by people enjoying the view from the Space Needle—he decided to paint something that was equal parts delightful and horrifying.

Peterson painted amazingly realistic giant spiders that, when viewed from the Space Needle, look like they're ready to invade Seattle. "I love arachnids, especially Opiliones, and I knew ... that the long legs and cool shadows they cast would really lend themselves to realistic 3D portrayal," he told seattlepi. "Certainly I want [people] to think they might be seeing giant arachnids. I hope they think that they are actual 3D installations and not paint, and really get a chance to check out the detail of these amazing invertebrates that are everywhere but don’t get noticed."

The end result is, as you can see, both impressive and horrifyingly creepy.