The Magazine With a Smartphone Inside

Chris Higgins

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has a smartphone in it. Yes, inside the print magazine, there is a fairly complete phone -- screen, battery, T-Mobile 3G SIM card (!), Android operating system, camera, and even a portion of the keyboard (minus the actual keys). The only bummer is that EW is only producing 1,000 of these special issues, presumably because those proto-phones cost a pretty penny. If you find one, rip it up and you've got a new phone (kinda).

The good folks at Mashable took apart the magazine to reveal the phone. While this is exceedingly geeky, it's also amazing -- what you see here is a Chinese smartphone (likely an ABO phone), and, if you sit through this video all the way, you'll see that it can even make calls. (At least for now. I have a hunch those SIM cards are going to go dark at some point.) Check it out:

I can be the first to tell you that the latest issue of mental_floss Magazine does not have a smartphone in it, though we did just launch a sweet iPad app. And yes, it's free for subscribers.