1-Up: Ohio State Marching Band Rocks Video Games

Chris Higgins

In this stunning 9-minute video, the Ohio State University Marching Band performs a halftime tribute to video games during this weekend's game against Nebraska. It's shocking how well-choreographed the marching and music are -- a series of set pieces result in delightful moments of recognition as the music and visuals suddenly recall a familiar theme. (Though I must admit, as a non-Halo player, I didn't recognize that theme until "Halo" was spelled out.)

To me, the most impressive part of this is the brief Tetris sequence (starting around 1:22). The band actually forms human tetrominos and drops them to form a Tetris (though instead of flashing, the finished lines break apart to form Mario question blocks...earning the band a series of power-ups).

At the end, of course, it's "GAME OVER." The band is nicknamed TBDBITL, for The Best Damn Band In The Land. TBDBITL -- I'm glad to say, the princess is in this castle. (OSU won.)

Can you identify all the games? I saw Space Invaders, Tetris, Super Mario Bros., Halo, Zelda, and Pac-Man. Also, Pikachu made an appearance. Any I'm missing?

"To Boldly Go"

If that's not geeky enough for you, check out the band's tribute to space exploration from September 15 (jump to around 5:30 for the formation of the USS Enterprise):