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The Late Movies: Kinetic Typography

Andréa Fernandes

Kinetic typography, or "moving text," videos have become increasingly popular and have flourished on YouTube, where design students everywhere post their pet projects and school assignments. While almost anyone can whip up a text-based video, it takes some skill to create a truly interesting and well-done kinetic typography video. These are a few of our current favorites...

Sia, "Academia"

Created by stevebussDK

Sherlock Holmes

Created by weremagnus

The Beatles, "Help!"

Created by Bold Agency and Animation Studio

Bruce Lee's "Be water, my friend"

Created by titusmedia

The Hives, "Tick Tick Boom"

Created by kawe18

A Lesson on Typography

Created by fatxican

Jonathan Coulton, "IKEA"

Created by Peter Varadi

Max Miedinger

Created by Stephen Elliget

Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

Created by Adam Brown


For more kinetic typography videos, check out Chris Higgins' Late Movies post from 2011.