The Late Movies: Ohio State University's Rad Marching Band

Chris Higgins

This past weekend we were treated to a masterful football field tribute to video games by Ohio State University's Marching Band (aka TBDBITL, or The Best Damn Band In The Land). But this is by no means the first amazing thing the band has done. Let's look back at some supremely awesome halftime performances by TBDBITL, and you may vent your sports-related frustration in the comments.

Note: if you have a half hour to kill, Wikipedia's page about the OSUMB is epic.

"To Boldly Go"

The band performs a space-flight (both real and sci-fi) tribute, including Star Trek references as well as an on-field appearance by John Glenn (!).

"Beach Boys Tribute"

Celebrating 50 years of The Beach Boys, the band performs a medley along with fancy footwork and on-field formations (starting with a lovely car). The camera is a little iffy at the beginning of this one. Stick around for the surfer at 4:20.

"Script Ohio"

The signature formation of this band is called Script Ohio, and it's exactly what it sounds like -- the band forms the word Ohio in script on the field. Here's their performance of that maneuver on October 29, 2011 (it was first performed roughly 75 years earlier, on October 24, 1936).

Entering Ohio Stadium

Not all the action happens on the field. Here's a video showing the band's grand entrance. Somehow this reminds me of the medal scene in Star Wars.

For an inside view of what the band looks like as it streams in, check out this video from another performance. I love the tuba deployment flips around a minute in.

Sousaphone vs. Camera

In this clip, a cameraman gets too close to a high-stepping sousaphone player in the middle of his act. As a YouTube commenter said: "Rule #1 of marching...if someone is? in your way...hit them."

Tribute to Funk

Honestly, I think this is only moderately funky. Their rendition of "Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker)" is a little brassy for my taste, but I guess you work with what you've got.

Band History

This promo video explains the culture and history surrounding the band. Wow.

Post Your Favorites

I'm sure we've got some Ohio alums in the audience. What's the best thing you've seen this band do?