The Late Movies: Fun with Books


It's no secret that here at mental_floss we love books. We don't just love reading books, though -- we love seeing what other fun things people do with books. From sculptures to dominoes to stop motion animation, books are used as the basis for a variety of entertainment and art beyond reading. Here are some of our favorite videos that have fun with books.

The Joy of Books

Created by Sean Ohlenkamp for Type Books (Toronto, ON)

Bookmans Does Book Dominoes

Created by Bookmans Entertainment Exchange (Arizona) for Ignite Phoenix 8

Ex Libris

Created by Garik Seko

Organizing the Bookcase

Created by Sean Ohlenkamp

Books Shape You

Created for the New Zealand Book Council

Book Dominoes

Created by Areaman Productions for Library Ireland Week 2011

The Library Tea Trolley Dance

Performed by The Tea Set at bMoSo Academy of Song & Dance

The Book Sculptures of Su Blackwell

Sculptures created by Su Blackwell

Knock On Effect

World record-attempt book dominoes created by Responsible Fishing UK in Barnsley Library (UK)

Flying Book

Created by Ogilvy and Digital Magic for Amway's Flying Book (Thailand) charity project