Happy 27th Birthday, Nintendo Entertainment System

Chris Higgins

In Feel Old Again news, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console went on sale 27 years ago this week in North America. Yes folks, it was October 18, 1985 when Nintendo Fever first invaded the living rooms of America. The NES came in two bundles to start with: the Deluxe Set ($199.99 - R.O.B., NES Zapper, two controllers, Gyromite, and Duck Hunt), and the barebones Control Deck ($89.99 - two controllers and no game -- adding on Super Mario Bros. was $10 more). I had neither of these bundles -- my family waited for the Action Set (released in 1988 for $149.99) which included two controllers, NES Zapper, and a combo Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cartridge.

The first NES commercial was as cheesy as you'd expect. Here it is (batteries not included, games sold separately, robot may not be as awesome as depicted):

Now You're Playing With Power

If that's not retro enough for you, check out this collection of seventeen more NES-related commercials. My favorite is the Double Dragon II ad, which eschews fullscreen gameplay video for a hand-animated cartoon. Also notable is the completely bonkers Zelda ad, which features a stuttering maniac.

I can't leave out the Power Glove. It's so bad.

And finally, here's that Deluxe Set...which now goes for as much as $599.99, still in the box. Sweet, right?