The Late Movies: Watch 6 Full Episodes of The Smurfs

Erica Palan

The Smurfs—those lovable little blue imps from 1980s TV—began as a Belgian comic and television franchise. They were created and introduced as a series of comic strips by Belgian cartoonist Peyo, who went by the name Pierre Culliford, on October 23, 1958. Later, they became an American sensation when the Hanna-Barbera cartoon hit the airwaves in 1981. Here, six full episodes.

The Dark Ness Monster

Brainy loses his glasses and has to rely on Clumsy to get around.


While Smurfette is often touted as the only female Smurf, in the fifth season, Sassette was introduced. (She has a doll named Smurfy Lou.)

The Astrosmurf

His episode is based on the original comic book story of the same name. In the episode, Dreamy gets his birthday wish to see the stars.

The Smurfs Christmas Special

This special, which aired during season two, refers to Papa Smurf as Santa Claus, because the two look so similar.

Smurfs a Mile in My Shoes

This episode features the only appearance of the Cursed Imp, who angered a sea witch. To be restored to normal, the Smurfs must line up one of every type of sea shell on the beach.

A Loss of Smurf

This sixth season episode was one of 60 different Smurfs cartoons that aired between 1986 and 1987.