Ira Glass on How to Make Balloon Animals...and Relationships

Chris Higgins

So This American Life host Ira Glass made an eighteen-minute video about how to make balloon animals, contributing to Rookie Magazine. While making the balloon animals, Glass offers advice for teen girls on topics as diverse as short haircuts, crushes, and, um...intimate subjects. Rookie Magazine writes (emphasis added):

Ira Glass is the creator of the public-radio show This American Life, but he used to have a really cool job. As a tweenager he performed at kids’ birthday parties as the “Magical Mystifier” (true story), doing magic tricks and making balloon animals.

So if you want to know how to make basic one-balloon balloon animals (Glass's preferred style), or you want some relationship advice from a public radio host...have at it, folks. Minor content warning: intimate topics are briefly discussed, mainly at the very end. Not in a crude way, but hey -- thought you should know. He also makes a somewhat convincing Snoopy.

Balloon Animals: A Video Tutorial by Ira Glass from Rookie on Vimeo.

The book he mentions early on is Roger's Rubber Ark: One Balloon Zoo. You might also ask: how the heck did this happen? I'm guessing it's because Glass's wife Anaheed Alani is an editor at Rookie.