The Late Movies: Six Songs Inspired by Hurricane Sandy

Erica Palan

First: If you're one of our readers in New Jersey, Delaware, New York, or any of the other areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts are with you. Now, on to the Late Movies business: Hurricane Sandy has inspired some budding singer-songwriters. We've got six examples of how they spent their time during the storm.


This parody of Barry Manilow's ballad "Mandy" expresses how a lot of people on the United States' East Coast feel right now.

"I Want to Sing"

Jerry Harris wrote this song while waiting out the storm.

"The Hurricane Sandy Song"

Thumper Entertainment offers up this rap song about Sandy.

"Hopelessly Preparing for You"

This Grease-themed parody talks about getting ready for the hurricane to hit.

"Hurricane Laid"

Angie Atkinson performs this folk-y anthem. This has some NSFW language, so keep that in mind before clicking.

"Hurricane Sandy Time"

Two guys with acoustic guitars and an attempt at harmonizing.