Behold Pumpktris, the Tetris Jack-o'-Lantern

Chris Higgins

Let's face it -- we've all wanted to play Tetris on a pumpkin, using the stem as a joystick. Wait, that's just me? All right, watch the video below and prepare for your inevitable jack-o'-lantern envy.

With only a dozen hours of work, a soldering gun, basic electronics skills, an Arduino with LoL Shield, embedded coding skills, 128 LEDs in a massive matrix, and the perfect pumpkin, you can make it work. Maker extraordinaire Nathan Pryor created Pumpktris -- and it only took him three pumpkins to find the perfect one. BEHOLD:

The high score currently stands at 9,800 points. Think you can beat that? Read all about how this was made, with plenty of photos -- then make your own. You've got all day, guys.

(Via Slashdot.)