The Late Movies: Dogs on Wheels


Over the summer, my dog had an accident in which a rear leg was so damaged that it had to be amputated. Before you knew it, she was back running around the neighborhood and we had to restrain her too allow her stump to completely heal. Dogs are plenty resilient, even if they lose more than one leg. But human intervention in the form of wheels can give a disabled dog the freedom to run and play and do dog things. Watch these dogs go!


Oscar was rescued from the streets and his back legs don't work, so he gets around on a set of wheels.


Roosevelt is a border collie with deformed front legs. With a set of wheels, he runs as fast as he wants.


Popeye is missing his rear legs. Watch him run and play with other dogs!


Angel the dachshund got her wheels about fifteen years ago, and this report made the news.


This poodle suffered a back injury, but embraced life on wheels afterward. She lived for five years after this video was made.


Chanty the chihuahua was a rescue dog, with a new lease on life thanks to her wheels.


Gary's wheels are meant to be temporary, as he suffered a stroke and is learning to walk again.


Lucie was hit by a car and left to die in Puerto Rico. A family in New Hampshire took her in and gave her wheels.


Beatnik the chihuahua is missing his front legs, but wheels are all he needs!