The Late Movies: Welcome Home, Soldier


For Veterans Days past, we've shown you videos of military servicemembers being welcomed home by their dogs. (See the 2009 and 2011 editions.) Today's videos are also of servicemembers' homecomings (and that of one contractor), but in this round-up, it's not the dogs who are being surprised. You might want to grab some tissues.

1. Luke, I Am Your Father

This servicemember showed up at his son's Star Wars-themed birthday party dressed as Darth Vader. The birthday boy was dressed as Luke Skywalker and his sister as Princess Leia.

2. Captain America

One little boy is surprised to find Captain America at his door; he's even more surprised to discover Captain America is his dad.

3. Biggest Present from Overseas

This boy thought he was opening the most recent--and biggest--package sent from his dad overseas, only to find his actual dad inside.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Mom Kim arranged a scavenger hunt with her husband at the end as a surprise for their 3 sons.

5. Football Game Coin Toss

This soldier surprised her son at his high school football game as the guest coin tosser.

6. Sitting on Santa's Lap

This servicemember's wife was expecting to land on the lap of one of Ellen's hunky Santas during Ellen Degeneres' talk show; she was surprised to find herself sitting on her husband's lap instead.


Asked to spell the word sergeant in a school spelling bee, a girl is shocked when her sergeant dad emerges from behind the stage.

8. Blue and the Indianapolis Colts

Blue, the mascot of the Indianapolis Colts, surprised Ashley Pezan and her daughter with not just a message from their servicemember, but with the man himself.

9. School Assembly

Cpl. Gerardo Benavides was the big prize for his children when they "won" a school Spirit Day game.

10. Movies on Valentine's Day

One servicemember took advantage of his early homecoming to plan a Valentine's Day surprise for his girlfriend. (I particularly like the crowd of moviegoers that gathers to watch the moment.)

11. All I Want For Christmas

Bethany Arnold asked Santa to bring her dad home from Iraq, and Santa delivered.