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The Back to the Future DeLorean Is Being Restored

Erin McCarthy

Marty McFly's time traveling ride is getting a restoration. To get the DeLorean from the Back to the Future films back into shape, a team completely disassembled the car and is rebuilding it from the ground up. The biggest challenge, according to Back to the Future co-writer and co-creator Bob Gale (who once explained to us how Doc and Marty became friends), is finding all of the pieces. "Great care is being taken to ensure that every bulb, bolt, and wire is 100 percent screen accurate," Gale says in a video on the restoration. "Parts that were completely missing [have] been refabricated from the original designs."

While the goal is to get the DeLorean back to its condition from the first film, there will be one important upgrade: The electronics will all be controlled by a new computer system, so that the flux capacitor, lights, and other parts of the car's console will work together, as they appear to in the film. The restoration is slated to be completed in December, at which point the DeLorean will be displayed in a pavilion at Universal Studios. Which raises the question: How many of you flossers will be driving 88mph to see the iconic car in person?