Jobs for Everyone

David K. Israel

As Disney and Pixar continue to work out the details of their Monster deal, expected to be completed by the summer, I can't help but wonder if the acquisition is the direct result of Michael Eisner losing control of his company. Eisner, if you recall, is at once credited with saving Disney in the 80s and destroying the company in the 90s. He and Steve Jobs, CEO of Pixar, got along about as well as Woody and Buzz from Toy Story. So, when, in 2004, Pixar and Disney couldn't come to terms, Jobs announced Pixar would no longer use Disney to distribute Pixar's hit films.

Cut to a couple years later, post-Eisner, and here comes Disney not only distributing the upcoming summer release, CARS, but also providing the pen-and-ink, as it were.

And now that Steve Jobs is the single largest shareholder of Disney stock, were Walt Disney's right-hand animator, Ub Iwerks, still alive, I suppose he'd now own a t-shirt that read:

iWerks for Jobs

Anyway, CARS looks like a fast and furious addition to the Pixar/Disney family. Check out the preview here.

And check back later today for more on what Eisner has been up to these past weeks. According to the critics, ehhh, not nearly as interesting...