Jobs for Everyone (ii)

David K. Israel

If only this were an April Fool's joke: It seems Michael Eisner finally got a job--as host of his own CNBC show called (well what do you know), Conversations with Michael Eisner. So far, reviews and stats haven't been too kind on the former Disney CEO.

The Orlando Sentinel says, "What exists now, judging by 'Conversations,' is someone who is part showman, part guy-with-time-on-his-hands..."

This struck me as apropos seeing as one of his first guests was Martha (ya-still-gotta-love-her) Stewart--a woman who, until recently, had even more time on her hands than Eisner did.

Makes you wonder if the C in CNBC doesn't stand for CANCEL.

marth.jpg /

Her real name is: Martha Helen Kostyra.

When she was growing up, she thought she'd be a chemist.
She used to be a model during her high school and college years.

Donald Trump once publicly blamed The Apprentice: Martha Stewart for a decline in ratings for his own show.

Ahhh, the job-related troubles of the wealthy-beyond-measure.