Because I'm the only girl on this blog, I feel it's my occasional duty to clue you guys in to What Women Want. And What Women Want -- at least the women are likely to be reading our site -- is unabashedly, adorably geeky trinkets and gewgaws, such as Jacqueline Sanchez's Lego rings. Or, my personal favorite, this necklace/earrings set in the shape of seratonin and dopamine molecules. If none of these suit, perhaps the lady would enjoy an LED necklace that "is as close as you can get to a personal mini planet you wear around your neck?" No? What about baubles modeled after DNA? Still not geeky enough? Alright, here: Try this necklace made from resistors. Apparently, "a resistor is a two-terminal electrical or electronic component that resists an electric current by producing a voltage drop between its terminals in accordance with Ohm's law." If that's not geeky enough, you'd better give up on jewels entirely and just go to Best Buy.