Viral meme all your friends already know about, #1


I used to think "My Humps" was the world's most obnoxious earworm. Then I heard "Bananaphone," which goes something like this: "Ringringringringringringring. Bananaphone!" I absolutely do not suggest that you watch the "video" making the Internet rounds, which features a pony, a robot, and a cete of cartoon badgers doing pliés. (Cete:badger::flock:seagulls.) Beware: The video is on an infinite loop. If this little ditty crawls into your auditory canal and takes up permanent residence and you begin to feel that your life will be meaningless until you, too, own a "cellular, modular, interactive-odular" phone in the shape of a banana, you can get the necessary gewgaw at Fred Flare for ten bucks.


EDIT: Ah. Things are so much clearer now -- "Bananaphone" is the work of the incredibly annoying children's entertainer Raffi.