How to eat like an 18th-century European war god


If you're in the mood for a historical-conspiracy movie that doesn't suck "“ sorry, Opie "“  I highly recommend "Monsieur N," which I got around to viewing last night. It tells the story of Napoleon's last days on St. Helena, the island that, unlike Elba, managed to keep the wily general imprisoned until the end of his days. (Or did it?) It seems that Napoleon's exile wasn't really all that bad; he had access to rich food, loose women, and Constantia wine, albeit laced with arsenic if you believe the film. Should you choose to accompany the movie with dinner, here's a menu that's as decadent and egomaniacal as its namesake:

Champagne Napoleon

Hors d'Oeuvres:
Smoked sturgeon Napoleon with caviar cream
Napoleon sandwiches

Main course:
Smoked salmon Napoleon
Peeky toe crab Napoleon
Sausage, mushroom, and goat cheese Napoleon

Chocolate silk Napoleon
Asian Napoleon
Festive fruit Napoleon