OMG OMG OMG she's so adooooooooorable!


You guys! You guys! The Interweb has photos of the baby Brangelina!

Er, I mean, isn't it tragic how our national culture has become so vapid and celebrity-obsessed?

Little Shiloh, or, as I like to think of her, Pitt the Younger, really does appear to be the Sexiest Baby Alive, judging by the fact that she got her mother's lips. But as we all know, looks are no judge of character, and when you're a baby they don't predict future hottness either. The fat, bald, eggheaded and generally unpresentable tot pictured above grew up to be a steel-haired heartthrob with cheekbones of glass (yup, it's Anderson Cooper, the host of "The Mole" and "The Mole II" -- er, the CNN anchor). And the big-eyed, bowl-cut cutie next to him? Hitler. Brad, Ange, you'd better keep an eye on your beautiful innocent lest she turn into a hideous demon; she was born awfully close to 6/6/6.