Pediculus Capitis

David K. Israel

Interesting article in the Daily Mail today about head lice, which are apprantly mutating and becoming indestructible. "Scientists believe that 80 percent of the bugs are immune to over-the-counter lotions."

But fret not! According to the Harvard School of Public Health site: "The greatest harm associated with head lice results from the well-intentioned but misguided use of caustic or toxic substances to eliminate the lice."

In other words, while that itch might be telling you something, The Cooties are no Snakes on a Plane...

Some other interesting facts about the six-legged creatures:

Head lice are equal opportunity parasites; they do not respect socio-economic class distinctions. Their presence does not connote a lack of hygiene or sanitation practiced by their host. Neither able to fly nor jump, lice are also unlikely to wander far from their preferred habitat. Long associated with people, head lice have been recovered from prehistoric mummies.