My goooooal: A day without a World Cup post on this blog


Sadly, that day will not be today, because I have stumbled across the best World Cup coverage on the planet, by writer Austin Kelley. A sample:

Legendary French midfielder Zinedine Zidane retired from international soccer a few years ago. Then, he had a vision at three o'clock in the morning. "I woke up suddenly and then, I talked to someone," he said. "It's a mystery"¦ I can't explain that encounter myself. That person really exists but it all comes from very far." Zidane promptly came back to the French team. "An irrepressible force seized me then. I had to obey that voice that was giving me advice." When the celestial Theirry Henry heard the news, he announced, "God is back." God, however, is getting old. So is the whole French team. They are loaded with skill and experience, but will they repeat the championship of 1998 or go out winless like they did last time? God only knows.

By the way, that's the actual "world cup" pictured above, and if you look closely you'll notice it's not a cup at all. Anyone know why it's called the Cup when it really isn't one?