More cowbell!


Over on The Morning News, there's an article on how music soothes the savage beasts -- okay, not really savage. The author likes to sing to cows, and they like it right back. Apparently, music makes cows produce more milk. Judging by the two studies he cites, cows' tastes are as sedate as your parents': They don't like Lynyrd Skynyrd, but they do rock out to "Everybody Hurts" and (unsurprisingly) Beethoven's "Pastoral Symphony." For the younger, hipper cow, however, here's a more up-tempo playlist:

Dead Milkmen, Surfin' Cow 

Snow Patrol, Holy Cow  

Elton John, Poor Cow

Cletus T. Judd, How Do You Milk a Cow 

The Bee Gees, Cowman, Milk Your Cow (also available as a ringtone) 

Adam Sandler, The Adventures of the Cow