Hall. Virginia Hall.


The smearing of Heather Mills McCartney -- okay, it's not really "smearing" if the tabs say you've been in hard-core German porn, and you have -- has left one-legged young girls bereft of a role model. May I nominate Virginia Hall, my favorite female spy this side of Mata Hari? Apparently, the CIA has a book reviewer (what a desk job!), who says: 

The Wolves at the Door does more than chronicle Hall's extraordinary career. Pearson gives vivid detail about Hall driving a crude ambulance loaded with wounded while under fire; how she twice escaped [Europe during WWII]; how she got through SOE training with her artificial leg (which she called Cuthbert); the agent problems she dealt with, including the discovery of a Gestapo double-agent; her disguises and her cover work as a milkmaid and farmer's helper; and how she arranged the escape of several of her agents from a Gestapo prison. We also see something of this remarkable woman's managerial abilities when Pearson tells how she overcame the reluctance of the French resistance to follow orders from a woman.

Girl power! Everyone should buy this book, and not just because the author shares a name with m_f's esteemed president.