Outsourcing the blog, #1


I am crazy busy today, so I'm letting my friend Aaron do my work for me -- he just sent me this email and I had to share it with the rest of you, especially as you've already demonstrated interest in the audible-to-teenage-punks-only ringtone:

Today I stumbled across a story NPR did about [the ringtone] and they included a link to download the ringtone for free.

The ringtone is not actually the same tone as the device, and consequently it's more audible to adults (I can hear it well enough that it makes my skin crawl). However, since I'm going to be riding the Green Line for a few weeks until I get my bicycle fixed up... I downloaded the ringtone and plan to see how many obnoxious college students I can drive out of my subway car in the morning.

Aaron played the ringtone for me and I couldn't hear it at all, which suggests either that I have ruined my hearing by going to Franz Ferdinand and retro Guns n' Roses concerts or that I am old. I'm not sure which of these is preferable.