Return of the Chimera?

David K. Israel

Picking up on Will's pacemaker post, how about this fascinating article today on Breitbart.

In China, there are 29 goats running around on a farm with human cells coursing through their organs, a result of scientists dropping human blood cells into goat embryos. The mixing of humans and animals in the name of medicine has been going on for decades. People are walking around with pig valves in their hearts and scientists have routinely injected human cells into lab mice to mimic diseases. Such work has triggered protests from social conservatives and others who fear the blurring of species lines, invoking the image of the chimera of Greek mythology, a monstrous mix of lion, goat and serpent.

According to Greek Mythology, if you spot a chimera, serious storms and natural disasters will descend on you. Perhaps Katrina and the tsunami of 2004 are byproducts of embryonic cell experimentation and not Global Warming, as Gore would have us believe? Hmmm.