Outsourcing the blog, #2


I have been meaning to blog about Ze Frank, the crackbaby lovechild of Jon Stewart and Greg Kinnear, for about as long as this blog has existed (which admittedly isn't long). Now the Times has beaten me to it -- and, again, because I am crazy busy, I'm going to let the article do most of the talking:

Like a lot of young adults, Mr. Frank, 34, has a Web site, zefrank.com. There, he documents elaborate and often ridiculous stunts of his own creation, like having two people on opposite sides of the world simultaneously place pieces of bread on the ground, creating what he calls an "earth sandwich." Since mid-March, Mr. Frank has also been producing daily video shorts for his site, starring himself. The shorts typically feature a bug-eyed Mr. Frank talking directly into the camera about subjects like MySpace, government wiretapping and Iraq. He also indulges in the occasional stunt, like pouring chocolate milk all over himself.

And he is totally, totally my type. Outta the way, Brad Pitt.

Also, if you want to see Ze's boring corporate side, he's here.