When the byline is more interesting than the article


I'm not going to pretend this post contains any deep truths or world-changing ideas or heck, any actual information, but -- lately I've been noticing a wee mini-trend of ridiculously named reporters:

Denisa R. Superville (writing a column called "City Living")

Helen Couture (writing about dumpster diving)

Rebecca Fairley Raney (who would make an excellent weathergirl)

And that's not even getting into the horde of absurdly named male meteorologists, as listed by McSweeney's and The Morning News.

I am starting to feel like I need a better byline. Using this census-based name generator set at the highest level of obscurity, I have come up with "Trinity Desquare." I have also invented a new Girl Reporter persona for myself, pictured above. Please start using my snazzy new moniker immediately. "D2" is acceptable as a nickname.

(Many, many more name generators here.)