The Presbyterian Church, USA, has just decided that churches will be allowed to refer to the Holy Trinity as "Rock, Redeemer, and Friend" or "Mother, Child, and Womb" or any other gender-neutral threesome a particular congregation finds compelling.

I bring this up exclusively because for the last several weeks I have been dying to share something: The word Presbyterians is a perfect anagram of Britney Spears! (I came to find this out because my new book contains a lot of anagrams, which resulted in my becoming anagram-obsessed.)

I spent a lot of time wondering what it says about Britney Spears and/or the English language. Are Britney's parents just anagrammatically passionate Presbyterians? No; it turns out they're Baptists. It turns out that Spears isn't the exception; she's the rule. Just look at all the celebrities whose names anagram to a single word!

My favorites from the list:

Eric Clapton / Narcoleptic

Tim Russert / mistruster

Anita Morris / rotarianism