It ain't exactly Pollack, but...


Over at Collision Detection, Clive Thompson has stumbled on another interesting internet art project:

MillionArtists is fundraising project with an interesting way of gathering donations: Everyone who gives money can choose the color and placement of single pixel on a massive online canvas. In theory, as thousands or millions of people donate, it'll take shape as a picture. But a picture of what? Heh -- interesting question. A story in the Globe and Mail points out that at the moment, there are only 88 donations, so the pixels are so insignificant on the sprawling digital canvas that they "could easily be mistaken for dirt on the screen."

The point is ostensibly to raise money for charity (buy a pixel and your money goes to Doctors Without Borders or the SickKids Foundation), but it also seems there's a secondary goal: to break the world record of "painting with the most contributors," currently held by one Jim Campbell, who designed a picture painted by 25,297 people in 1998.