Stranger and stranger


Last week I was all about David Sedaris; this week it's his sister Amy, whose home decor ("a collection of plaster meats, a few stuffed squirrels, books on skin disorders") was recently featured in the New York Times and whose masterwork of a movie, "Strangers with Candy," comes out today in New York and July 7 everywhere else. Amy's character in "SwC" was based on Florrie Fisher, a bizarre B-list star of the 60s and 70s who, according to Wikipedia,  

traveled to high schools in the United States, speaking about her past as a heroin addict and prostitute. ... Fisher's trollish appearance, thick Brooklyn accent, and larger-than-life tales of prostitution, botched abortions, and lesbian jailhouse encounters turned her into a cult figure in the late 1970s, with bootleg videos of her public service announcement becoming a collector's item in the 1980s.

Wow. All my high school ever got was a sweaty Robert Louis Stevenson impersonator.