Interstate Update


Not sure how one can pinpoint the exact 50-year anniversary of our illustrious Interstate system, but today seems to be the day. The ARTBA Transportation Development Foundation is hosting a gala, black-tie event down in D.C. tonight that will honor everyone from equipment manufacturers and labor organizations to state transportation departments.

Headliners will be Colin Powel and Willard Scott, two people I don't think I've ever seen in the same room together.

It may be too late to buy in, but at $1000 per ticket (or $20,000 for 10), I'm not so sure you'd want to. Ah, I take it back; it's for a good cause, right? There are, after all, some 50,000 miles of highway in America. The longest being the I-10, which runs from LA to Florida. According to this website, the I-10 even has an album of songs written about it featuring artists such as Willie Nelson.
Anyway, happy birthday Interstate! May your next 50 years be pothole free!