Now that's "Must See TV!"

David K. Israel

So I was watching NASA TV over the weekend, live, through the link I just provided. It's amazing how many hours you can waste watching astronauts do the MOST mundane things.

Astronaut #1: "Okay, Bill, I'm going to move to your left now"¦ here I go"¦ okay, I'm moving to the left with this pipe thingy in my hand."

NASA TV Voice: (Whispering like a golf broadcaster) "He's moving to the left with a pipe thingy in his hand"¦"

Me: (Yelling to my wife several rooms away) "Honey! You've got to see this! He's moving to his left with a pipe thingy in his hand!"

And then the NASA TV cam zooms, closer, closer, closer, until you actually see the pipe thingy in his hand. And then it zooms out, out, out, until you see the earth, way off in the distance, rotating ever so slowly.

Well, anyway, it got me doing some research on NASA. Here's what I learned:

NASA invented the term "mission-critical"

NASA invented the first visco-elastic foam

NASA invented the Dust Buster

And, while I don't have hard proof on this one, some say NASA invented the disposable diaper. That would make sense, considering this fact:

If you piled up all the disposable diapers our society throws out each year, (18 billion) you could reach the moon and back 9 times.