You can't keep a good man down


Minggu Mang anak Madang recently described himself to Malaysian newspapers as being "the living dead," but don't worry, he's not about to terrorize y'all's neighborhood:

Official records show that Minggu Mang anak Madang passed away from head injuries in the town of Bintulu in the eastern state of Sarawak on January 18, 2002, and was buried. But Minggu Mang, 40, says that he is alive and rallying for years to show to authorities he was not dead. ... He said he found out that he was proclaimed dead when he was told all his records with the transport department had been deleted.

Perhaps, like poor Minggu Mang, Fidel Castro and Ken Lay have also found that recent reports of their deaths have been greatly exaggerated. (By the way, that famous quotation has also been greatly exaggerated.)