Lettuce Pray

David K. Israel

I thought I'd post another installment of fun facts generated by searching a random phrase. Last week, if you recall, our random phrase was "One out of every 200 people" "“ which yielded all this wonderfulness. Today's random phrase is "piece of lettuce" "“ and here's what we learn:

According to this site: "A flight attendant [at Delta Airlines] noticed the piece of lettuce that was used to decorate their food was often wilted and unappetizing. The Airline removed the lettuce leaves and saved over $1 million annually."

Or how about this nugget of news from North Shore News in British Columbia: "A Vancouver woman who slipped and fell on a piece of lettuce while shopping in a grocery store was recently assessed damages for her pain."

And speaking of assessing damages, there's also this tidbit, according to someone at the Atlantic Baptist University: "After Jesus' announcement of his betrayal Judas left the Upper Room (John 13:30). Since Jesus announced his betrayal during the course of appetizers, what they must have dipped together was lettuce (into the dressing), since no bread would have been eaten at this point in the meal. The Gospel of John's version of the foretelling of the betrayal records that Jesus dipped a ywmi,on [sic] (John 13:27), which, if our reconstruction is correct, ought to be translated as a piece of lettuce or other type of bitter herb, not a piece of bread, as it is often translated."